Our Story

I started By Lula during the height of the pandemic as life had completely changed. I was no longer in my busy loop of auditioning and the entertainment industry had come to an abrupt halt.

I started looking for different activities I could participate in that would relax me in this uncertain time and create an outlet for my creativity. However, being a vegan for over five years it was important to me to find a craft that was sustainable and would use vegan ingredients. After purchasing a small kit and creating my first candle my passion was ignited. Out of this By Lula was born. 

Another concern that I wanted to address was the current general products on the market. Conventional scented candles use paraffin wax and the process of making these candles usually entails bleaching dioxin; texturized with acrolyn (a known carcinogen); and then mixing it with animal-based stearic acid (a byproduct of the meatpacking slaughterhouses) to harden it, so that it can be made into candles. 

Not only is the manufacturing process harmful to the environment due to the ingredient list, it also has an effect on our health. When burning these candles the toxins that are released into the air are then inhaled by everyone in your house hold. Studies conducted by the University of South Carolina found that long term inhalation of these fumes increased your chances of asthma, allergies and other serious respiratory conditions. 


I knew that ingredient quality and scent integrity needed to be at the Core of By Lula which is why all our scents and wax are vegan and cruelty free. Our packaging is also recyclable and biodegradable. 


In Tirgrinya Lula means abundance and that's why my goal is to create beautiful products inspired by more natural means that allow you to take time for yourself and create an abundantly peaceful wellness routine. Your home is your sanctuary. 

All my love,


            Founder Elsa Yohannes